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Arcata Property Management

400 G St
Arcata, CA 95521
(707) 599-2873


Story by: "Being So Persnickety"

I definitely would not recommend this management company. They are unorganized and are often unprofessional in how they treat their clients. We lived in one of their properties for a year. My husband and I were excellent tenants. We took really good care of the property; we were very responsible and always payed our rent on time. We did not cause any damage while we lived there. However, when we moved out for work relocation, they tried to hold back part of our security deposit because they claimed we hadn't cleaned the oven. This was ridiculous because I had cleaned the oven. There were stains in it from tenant usage over the years that tend to accumulate in ovens. But the property manager went on and on about it, saying we were responsible and sending us pictures of it and trying to make us pay for it. She was very nit-picky about it. I wish I had thought to take pictures of what the oven looked like when we moved in. But I've never had to do anything like that before!

I also found it ironic that they were being so persnickety about oven stains (that have been in every oven I've ever seen except for brand-new ones) because, when our duplex neighbors moved out, the landlord himself was ranting to us about what horrible tenants they were and that they had left thousands of dollars in damage and had run a drug operation out of their garage. So I was confused about why they were trying to ding a professional, responsible, respectful couple when, apparently, some of their other clients actually were causing property damage. I think they don't understand that, when people live in a house, it's not going to be a brand-new show house afterwards. I tried to leave it as close to that as possible.

My husband finally figured out that they probably try to avoid hiring professional cleaners in between tenants, so they try to make their tenants do all the work of professional cleaners. That made sense because the property wasn't spotless when we moved in. There were holes in the walls and the paint needed to be touched up. Both the front and back yards needed to be weeded and mowed. Also, when we first arrived here, the backyard gate that separated our yard from the duplex neighbors had been broken off its hinges. We didn't feel like sharing our yard with strangers, so we asked them if they could fix it. It took 1-2 weeks of persistent phone calls and emails to get the landlord to do a half-hour fix.

So no, I would not recommend living in a property run by Arcata Property Management. I think it might be a family-owned business and that's why things fall through the cracks and why clients get treated a little unprofessionally. But hopefully they'll realize that they need to shape up and start handling their business like a business!

Story by: "Greed At Its Worst"

Stay away from properties managed by this company! These people are all about the money and my experience with them over the year has shown me it is greed at its worst.

When we moved in to our place it was full of holes in every wall, the walls had gunk dripping down each and every one of them, there were sewing needles embedded in the carpets, and the place smelled of mold (it didn't look like that when we viewed it as lived in). And for the amount per month we were being charged, there is no way a place should look like this before even moving in!

I was disgusted by what we saw. I took photos and made sure not to walk on the nasty carpet with bare feet until we paid (out of our own pocket) to professionally clean it. I brought this to the landlords attention, who came over within a few days and took a look around. Noting our displeasure, and the state the apartment was in, she promised us we would not be charged a cleaning fee upon moving out. So, we dug in and cleaned it ourselves, out of our own pockets, and made it feel like a clean home as best we could.

We knew when we moved in we would be moving out as soon as our lease was up. We realized it was not a company we wanted to live under. We scrubbed and cleaned and gave the place back in 10fold better condition than we had received it in, even though we were under the impression we wouldn't be charged a cleaning fee. Once we received part of our deposit back, I noticed we were charged a few bogus charges INCLUDING a cleaning fee!!! So, I bring this to the landlord's (Julie) attention and not only does she not remember this promise she made-to our faces, she then begins to accuse us of things that never happened, such as having a problem with us letting people live at our apartment and paying rent late, neither of which EVER happened! What is interesting is that the people a few apartments down from us did have these problems...she was (again) accusing us of things another apartment had done! I had my parents over to visit once, otherwise we kept to ourselves!!! It is very disturbing how evident it is that the business does not keep accurate records, and this leads to accusing tenants of things they know nothing of.

We didn't bother them when they ignored us about the fridge that leaked all year long, we didn't complain when we did need something repaired and they'd send their kids to do the work (which took several visits instead of hiring a professional that would have taken an hour), we paid rent on time, we didn't get any noise complaints against us because we didn't have people over! We gave the place back cleaner than it was received. We were perfect tenants.

While the amounts the company bogusly charged me for were small, it isn't right that they make money by false charges simply because they know there is nothing we can do about it! I think businesses with such horrible practices should be accountable. Use your money wisely friends, invest in another property management company.


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