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Humboldt Property Management

954 H St
Arcata, CA 95521
(707) 825-1515


Story by: "Wear And Tear"

Scumbags- the nicest name I can call them on here. They take advantage of hard-working people just to put more money in their fat piggy bank. They do not care once so ever about the person paying them to live in their "property". Don't expect them to ever fix something or replace something that is super outdated/not working properly...or if they do its only because it came to the point of it being a fire hazard. They will rob you of your deposit and don't believe in natural "wear and tear"- even if you moved into a place when they "forgot" to clean it and didn't check anything from the previous tenant. You're better off wasting your money at a campground.

Story by: "Scummy Through And Through"

This is what happens when a group of condescending thugs run a property management business. Scummy through and through. If something breaks it will not get fixed and they'll charge you for it. Don't expect your deposit back, regardless of the condition you leave it in.

Story by: "The Worst Customer Service"

All I have to say about Humboldt Property Management...IS WOW. Humboldt Property Management definitely win the award for "The worst customer service," in America. Even Jack in Box and Wendy's in Eureka...yeah ,thats right Eureka, have way better customer service than Humboldt Property Management. Get your act together and start treating future tenants some respect. Without us you guys won't even have a business to run. But for me, I'm definitely not coming back for your service and for sure warning my friends about you guys.

Story by: "Before Bailing On It"

Pretty much slum lords.

Rented a place from them for 1 month before bailing on it.

They are rude, condescending, cheap and liars to boot. They want you to sign that lease and until you do will be very nice, sweet and helpful.. But afterwards they wont keep their word or live up to their end of the lease agreement. I was without a working fridge for 3 weeks!

Don't deal with them if you have the choice.

Story by: "One Star Is Far Far Too Generous"

One star is far far too generous. Biggest group of scumbags on the planet. Nothing in the apartment works and then it gets blamed on the occupant. My grandfather a well respected professional with nearly perfect credit said one phone call with Alan was one of the worst ordeals of his life. Avoid like the plague the very thought of these people absolutely sickens me. Most disrespectful, rude group of pricks ever assembled. Slum lords to the extreme. I would much rather live on the streets then give these scumbags one more dollar of my hard-earned cash. Fuck them.

Read the OTHER NEGATIVE REVIEWS to really get an idea of how bad these people and this business truly is.

Story by: "Rude And Unprofessional"

Like what everyone else says, don't rent from them they are rude and unprofessional. I tried going to a showing but got there ten minutes after the set time and they were no longer there. When I called they said they were only their for 5 minutes and was rude when I tried to schedule another time to see the property. I wouldn't want to imagine renting from them.

Story by: "Talk About Power Tripping"

These people are so rude. It is so unfortunate that if you want to move to or around the beautiful Arcata area that you have got to deal with these guys. I have never been so at the mercy of a 20 year old snot. Talk about power tripping, eye rolling, condescending, take a number you homeless scum attitude. Not cute.
It was challenging, but eventually I found a place without their help.
I just couldn't stand the idea of working with these people.


Story by: "Condescending And Rude"

I didn't and won't find a rental through this office. Their treatment of me from the moment I walked in the door was condescending and rude. I suspect that finding housing in this area is really difficult and there is little pressure on them to have a service oriented attitude. I'm a mom trying to help my daughter find housing and I would definitely steer other parents away from this business--I didn't even get to the application part. Go to Williamson Property Management and ask for Marie instead.

Story by: "Dont Expect Same Day Service"

Wish I could give them negative stars. These people are so rude, and hard to deal with. So unprofessional. They know its hard to find good rentals in Humboldt, and take advantage of desperate people. Most of the properties are not in the best conditions, and have the cheapest appliances. If you call them because of a problem, Dont expect same day service. Alan the manger is super rude, and a total asshole. He should be fired for not representing property owners in a professional way, and not representing tenants rights. Sorry to be so harsh, but know so many people who have had issues w this place.

Story by: "Exasperating Experience"

So incredibly unhelpful and rude, I don't know how they stay in business. It realistically feels like they don't want to rent anything. I had the exasperating experience of trying to make an appointment to see 2 properties and was told I could only see one a day. I tried to set another one up for another day and was told I couldn't until...I don't know, Hell freezes over or something because there was no reason. "Policy". When I tried again to make an appointment I was told I couldn't because business hours were almost up to even schedule anything. (It was 2:00 pm).
When I did try to explain the situation I was meanly told I had hung up on them and could have scheduled something. I didn't, they hung up on me.

The one house I did see the agent was rude, didn't expand on anything, and rushed us out so she could go to a Girl Scout meeting. I watched in sad understanding as another couple walked up one minute after their scheduled time.
I would never willingly do business with this company, mean spirited, condescending people are in abundance, why go looking for it?

Story by: "Seriously!?!"

These people will take advantage of you and your deposit when you move out because most tenants do not know tenant rights. There is a certain legal issue that they are not aware of, or that they flat out dont care and don't think you will dig into this info. Aside from that, they will say everything was dirty even though you cleaned it, and yes dirt and dust does build up if they don't bother to have the cleaners come over two weeks after you move out. Seriously!?! And these people will charge for whatever they want. The cleaners will take advantage of you because they know the prop mgmt is just passing the bill to you. Know your rights and humboldt property managers will be stuck with the bill. Go with Hooven, they are true professionals. Not snotty property managers.


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