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Bode Executive Property Management

1370 Walker Point Rd
Bayside, CA 95503
(707) 445-2020


Story by: "Completely Ludicrous"

WARNING: These people will try to charge you obscene amounts when you move out!!!

After 5 years of being great tenants and paying over 60K in rent, they thank us by taking ALL of our deposit over 2,000 and try to tack us with a bill for ANOTHER 1,000 dollars. Please let the record show that we took excellent care of their crappy house too. We didn't grow or do any damage whatsoever other than a few places which had pet damage which we took responsibility for.

They tried to charge us $80 for an $11 garage door opener and several hundreds of dollars for window screens which were either never present or never removed.

We ended up writing a letter refusing to pay the extra 1,000 dollars because it was completely ludicrous and inviting them to join us in small claims court if they wanted to pursue the issue. They dropped the issue but still held on to our full deposit.

If you do have to move into a Bode house (aka Manila Marketing) make sure you take pictures of EVERYTHING so that you don't get tacked with these ridiculous fees.

Story by: "Horrible Communication"

If I could give these guys no stars, I would. I have lived in their Fawn Creek apartments for the last 11 months and I am moving out today. These guys are terrible. They don't answer their phone during office hours, they don't respond to emails, and they just don't get back to you. It took them over a week once to return a phone call. And once I emailed them (because they weren't answering), and she addressed the questions in my email when I called the after hours emergency hotline two weeks later when the electrical outlets in the apartment stopped working. In the last two months, construction on the apartments has started. Which is fine, expect NONE of the residents were warned that it would happen. I just woke up to a man on a ladder outside my bedroom window one morning. What's worse, when I went to remove my name from the lease, the receptionist helped me while Ms. Stephanie Bode sat and talked/yelled to me from the other room, never showing her face.
Bottom line, DO NOT LIVE IN A BODE APARTMENT. Horrible communication. Terrible service. Awful experience.


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