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Arrow Property Management

517 Everding St
Eureka, CA 95503
Phone:(707) 445-2525
Fax:(707) 445-4981

Susan L. Bingham
Cell: (707) 499-0266

Story by: "Not Confused"

No Susan, I have not confused you with another property management company, we lived in a house you managed in ferndale. We were charged for 40 hours of housekeeping at 25 dollars an hour I cant imagine what took them 40 hours to clean. we were also charged 125 dollars by the handyman to put in two lightbulbs and a fix 2 broken lightsocket covers, a job which might take about five minutes. You either hire very slow and highly paid people because you don't know any better, or your ripping people off.

Story by: "Working Professional"

Terrible property managers! Lazy, unfair, unreliable and irresponsible. I'm a working professional and have lived in rented apartments and homes for the last 12 years. I have never once lost a dime on a security deposit. These people are crooks and returned only a fraction of our deposit after we worked for days to clean the home and weeks to repair a few small items, including painting the entire interior, re-seeding the lawn, replacing hinges and thresholds and planting shrubs. During our tenancy we reported multiple issues that they couldn't be bothered to fix. We lived there for 2.5 years and they never once came by for any sort of maintenance. If this were my home I would be livid at the negligence. Their only role as management is apparently to take your money.

Story by: "Watch Out"

I was referred to them and asked what they had in something under $725 because most rentals around here do not include utilities, that's all I can afford on my disability check. Susan said she had something for me and I assumed by the conversation it was mine if I wanted it, so I paid the $15 for a credit check when I met her at the place for rent to show it to me. It was a 2-bedroom and it had window screens, something that is rare for rentals around here. It was perfect for my needs so I said I would take it. Then she says, "Oh I'm showing to other people and she would make a decision later on. What she is doing is against the law. She can't take your money for a credit check if she does not have a property for you to rent and she has to produce an itemized receipt showing their expenses to get the credit check data, which you can request a copy of the credit report or they must refund your money, it's the law. Read what you should expect here:

CA - Landlord Tenant Law

BTW... I got my money back... Don't let her give you an 800# to get your copy of your credit report, that's not how it works. She must provide you a copy of what she charged you for along with an itemized receipt of her expenses to aquire that credit report, or refund your money...


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