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Coldwell Banker Cutten Realty

2120 Campton Rd Suite C
Eureka, CA 95503
(707) 445-8811


Story by: "( No Joke)"

It really takes a lot for me to leave a poor review. My significant other and I were new to town and had narrowed down what neighborhoods we were interested in renting a home in. We found a decent house while driving around. We stopped to look and the neighbors were outside and told us it was vacant. We went through the side gate to check out the back yard. We also found the back door was unlocked so we checked out the house. We had questions about the home after looking so I drove out to Cutten Realty. After 10 minutes of being ignored so the receptionist could complete her phone order for a pair of shoes ( no joke), I was finally acknowledged. I told her we had viewed a home and had questions. She told me I needed to fill out and application and pay a fee to see the inside of a home. When I told her we already viewed the interior, she became angry with me. I explained we spoke to the neighbors, knew it was vacant, and that everything had been unlocked. She apparently wasn't familiar with the property and said another gal would give me a call back. No one ever called. Needless to say, I found another rental elsewhere. The business ethic of this place is unreal. I will not give a business all of my personal information and pay a fee when NO services have been rendered on their part. What a scam (in my opinion).

Story by: "It Is Their Dirt"

Beverly Hart is as rude as they come. Did not help family who had dirty carpets. Said family should move to another climate. also said "it is their dirt, they should clean it." Avoid at all costs. Completely disrespectful and rude

Story by: "No Star!!!"

DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE!!! If I could I would have written a review with no star!!! BEWARE of BEVERLY!! Rude, unprofessional, uneducated and a thief! She is the only pm at this office. She is the nastiest business person I have ever had the displeasure of meeting!

Story by: "NO Electricity"

You never want to rent from these people if you move to Humboldt County, CA. And don't let them Manage your rentals either. They don't clean/fix anything between rentings, making the tenants do it for them. Then they present you with a Move In sheet with Everything marked "Very Good" so when you move out it will appear that all the damages were caused by you! like You did it! You assume they are going to take care of all this stuff, you know? No matter what shape it's in when you look at it (I'm sorry I wasn't personally there myself). In the house we rented from Beverly Hart at Coldwell Banker Cutten Realty there were 200 nails left in the walls ( I counted them because it was so unbelievable), bugs crawling in the kitchen drawers, NO electricity in two rooms, yard was badly over grown(front, back,side), broken front steps with no porch/stair railings (there were still none last time we just happened to drive by there on the way to a store), every window was painted shut and no screen doors, the bathroom sink was stopped up to the point of being unusable, there was mold all over and behind the wall of the bath tub/shower, the heat filter was covered as thick as a carpet, not having been cleaned (in years?), there was a leak dripping down the kitchen wall from chimney damage (which one girl in the office inadvertently mentioned was from years ago), the detached garage was a shambles and full of someone else's storage. We had to kick out the other tenant's stuff who was renting a small out building separately in the back yard as living space and illegally putting her things in there. So then she started parking her car in front of the garage off the alley that was supposed to be part of our rental. Ms. Hart treated US as if we were trouble makers right from the beginning, while we waited months to even have electricity in our bathroom! We were never even once late on the rent. and we found out during our fact finding about them that a maintenance man employed by them, who came to our house a couple times, was on a Sexual Offenders List! which is why they probably used him: he wasn't in a good bargaining position for wages and they could underpay him. After a year, she started eviction proceedings (because as she told us: in California they don't need a reason to kick you out) by Illegally mailing us a Notice by just sending it regular mail, no registered mail as required by law, so it bought us more time as we looked for a Lawyer. When we left after 18 months, it was because we found a $950/month house rental/2 car garage/storage building, 2 bath, big sun room, large yard/gardening areas with a million dollar view of Humboldt Bay when we went to a Yard sale! We left the Coldwell Banker house with two new screen doors at our expense, a new mirror on the back of the bedroom door, a manicured yard/vegetable garden, and a thoroughly cleaned up garage with new storage areas. We found out after we moved out that the young woman who was Beverly's assistant had quit and taken a job at another management company. No Wonder. No one ever actually answered the phone there, you always had to leave a message, and she was the one who probably got everything dumped in her lap by her lazy boss who didn't even go to the post office to properly serve a Notice. But if you emailed Ms. Hart about wanting to see a House she was Selling (which we did under an alias) she answered you right away! In fact, we had a running email conversation back and forth.

Story by: "Leaking CO2"

Terrible property management company. We had our fridge go out and all of our food was ruined and didn't get a new one for a week, the heater was leaking CO2 and that didn't get fixed for over a month and then called after finding 3 cockroaches and they are charging us to get the place sprayed because "we brought them in" after living in Humboldt for over three years. Beverly is rude and looking to charge you for everything they can. Avoid them if at all possible!!

Story by: "Infested With Mold"

Horrible slumlord property management company. My apartment was infested with mold and they refused to do anything about it stating, "all apartments in Arcata have mold". This was black mold. I ended up getting asthma from the unit. Beverly can be very helpful, but also very rude. It all depends on the day. I asked for my stove and toilet to get fixed and did not receive a response for weeks until I called her and started to complain. She started telling me off and treated me very badly. Stay away from this company. They are very overpriced for what they are offering.


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