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Floyd and Betty Squires

219 5th St
Eureka, CA 95501-0303

Floyd Everett Squires
225 Wabash Ave
Eureka, CA 95501-2986

Story by: "Cronyism And Corruption Go Way Back"

Sent: Sunday, October 30, 2016 3:37 AM
Subject: [slumlords]

I am a tenant of Floyd's. I have a long sordid story about how I ended up in this dump but I want to tell you, one thing Floyd says is true: if you want to rent a place in humboldt county, you're going to be in for an ordeal unless your credit is perfect, your job is stable and you have stellar records. And even then, stand in line behind those college kids.

If we had such great jobs and good credit, we'd be buying a place. Or we are just passing through which landlords LIKE because the get to jack up the rents, purloin the deposits and get more deposits besides. The property management grifters take everyone's twenty dollars ( PPM processes 200 applications a day, and some of them have more than one adult who must throw in a dub besides) and they string people along via Craigslist which is illegal, amoral and unethical besides.

If not for Floyd, I don't know where I'd be, but I guess it's likely a motel room in Orick. A trailer maybe. That's how few options there are for anyone with a foreclosure, part time job, regular monthly check and bad score. I've heard from my neighbors and the other marginalized souls around the county that Floyd will rape women if they make him angry. He and his thugs demand sexual favors when the rent is short. They don't waste time on unlawful detainers and evictions either. They come into apartments and help themselves to what they want and trash the rest.

I cannot say how true any of it is, but I do know this, the tales of lunacy are consultant and wide spread. What I can speak to is the deplorable conditions we live in. Upon moving in we were forced to clean up an scene mess, the plumbing was deplorable, there's mold, leaks, roaches, rodents, and every manner of disrepair.

The place has dangerous steps, lights that won't work, windows that do not open, no screens, saggy ceilings debris all around the place and the locks don't work. Call in for emergency repairs and you'll be ignored. How someone can get away with all this as long as this slumlord is getting away with it speaks to corruption, as Squires still enjoys the favor of certain judges and it seems the city inspector and others are likely culpable in some of this.

With fires in buildings breaking out as the county snaps up Squires property -- instead of selling it so his backtracked and lost lawsuits are paid -- I wonder if he's not using arson to keep afloat given the cost of attorneys and other vices these days.

I don't want to have this published , I'm just sharing the info I have and hope you can use it. Squires is not the only culprit, as he's a free mason in a county where cronyism and corruption go way back.

Story by: "The Same Shinanigans"

Floyd Squaller Has been a boil on the ass of life in Eureka for quite a while. When I was 18 (1984) I was a juror on a trial against, you guessed it, Mr. Squires pulling the same shinanigans (see crap) as he is doing today.
Am I missing something here?? I'm talking to you leaders of our crumbling town...

Story by: "Joan Snow, Jason Smith"

They openly go for the tenants no one else wants. It's the actual business model and squires convinces himself he's doing a community service for people who would be homeless otherwise ( and charges as much as he can get away with).

Story by: "Kim Hodges"

I think the owners of the property, as well as other slum lodging properties, should have pay a tax similar to Arcata's grow tax if they are so statistically burdensome. They should have been fined over and over and had to pay for all those service calls over the years.


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