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Investor Management Services

3857 Walnut Dr
Eureka, CA 95503
(707) 445-3175


Story by: "They Are Disrespectful"

Terrible service, tried calling for a week to see a place. Never got a call back. When I finally did get someone on the phone they said they would have to call me back.

An hour later they finally get back to me with a "no, we are not going to allow a showing based on your income and credit score".

When I called back I asked them if they went through all the info I gave ten and they said; "no, we just checked your credit". They didn't bother to check my rental history which is golden, or any of the other 2 people's info that were applying as well before saying no to even just seeing the place.

So they are disrespectful, not fully checking their sources, and making a full decision based on something from a glance.

Well based on this glance, their reputation will be mud to whom ever I talk to.


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