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Kramer Investment Corporation

1589 Myrtle Ave Ste B
Eureka, CA 95501
(707) 444-2919


Story by: "Much Stupid Sh*t"

While all of the people in the office I've ever interacted with were friendly, this is my warning to all of the HSU students about to get ripped off by these people.

First of all, out of anywhere I've lived in Arcata my utilities for this tiny apartment were always THROUGH THE ROOF.

Ridiculous for the menial size of the place, sometimes my water bill would be 70 dollars and my power 45, for just light use by two people! I suspect they divide the cost across everyone in the building. They claim to be energy efficient but they are not!

I now live in a manufactured home from the 70s and I spend half of what I did on utilities and this place is ancient, with more people too!

They picked out so much stupid sh*t out of my deposit, they changed all my light switch covers and charged me? When I enquired as to why they told me it's their policy, but there was nothing wrong with them so why is the charge on me? Compared to my neighbors, our apartment was flawless.

Finally, the price. What the actual f**k, $695 a month to live in a shoe box? No utilities included.... There are much better deals.

They capitalize on students with no rental history or cosigners, charging obnoxious rents that are paid from our grants and loans! I hope they can't sleep at night because of their unfair practices.

Avoid all rental companies in Arcata, rent from an individual! I've never been happier.

Story by: "Unethical"

This company is a rip off and unethical. Be aware of signing into any agreement with is company.


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