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Madsen William E Real Estate, aka Redwood Coast Real Estate, Inc.

3435 Christie St
Eureka, CA 95503
(707) 445-3015



I appreciated their willingness to accept my application via email because I am moving from out of the area. Thats about the only positive thing I can say. After I hadn't heard anything from them I decided to call them. They do not have a website or any type of business listing. Operated under "Redwood Coast Real Estate Inc" which was the same name as another company in the area who is not affiliated. & when I google the address on the header of the app "3435 christie st eureka ca" the office looks very...backyard style. Looked like someone trying to steal my information at first. I called the number found ONLY on the top of the application 4 times DURING BUSINESS HOURS over the course of 2 weeks, and I repeatedly spoke 2 a man who sounded like he's drunk and said "she's not hear right now..." mumbled and I couldn't understand much except that he needed me to call back later to talk to someone else. This was the number listed on the app! I finally spoke to a girl who politely told me the woman I needed to speak to would be in tomorrow. Finally spoke to her today & she was able to tell me the property I had applied for was already occupied. They have not shown me any proof that they are even a legitimate business, but my gut says they are a business, just a VERY UNPROFESSIONAL ONE AT THAT.

Story by: "Poor Excuse For People!"

I saw an ad in for a 1-bedroom so I called them and said I was interested and asked them to send me an application via email, they said they would. 2 days go by and I call them again and they said they sent it. Now we both have Yahoo Mail and it never fails. I asked them to send it again and waited about an hour, then I called back and they said they sent it. I have not received any email from them so I got there email and sent them a message and it did not bounce back to me so I know their email was working correctly. So I call them back again and they said; "Well, we rented it anyway." They ran me around for 2 days and they never sent an application. A poor excuse for people!


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