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Professional Property Management Co

710 E Street Suite 140
Eureka, CA 95501
3109 H St
Eureka, CA 95503
(707) 444-3835


Story by: "Request Had Been Lost"

The bad:

- Their application process is a pain. It took over a week to get us approved. I'm not sure if they actually call you when your application is declined. The communication could be a lot better.

- Despite most of our experience with their maintenance department being good, on one occasion after posting a maintenance request on their tenant portal, we didn't hear from them for a couple of weeks. I finally called them to follow up to find that the request had been lost.

I actually work for a rival property management company, so I know about the business, and as a renter I think PPM are aweful.

Story by: "Yargghh!!!"

I am so sick of their rude customer service. I haven't even rented from these people and at this point I'm not sure I want to. I've had 3 talks with them about renting properties and every time the woman was short with me, rude, and just unhelpful. Not a good way to attract tenants. What makes it worse is the fact that they have a crapload of rentals! Yargghh!!!

Story by: "SKETCHY!"

AWFUL BUSINESS! Do not try and do business with these people. I am an incoming student to the area and like a many thought going through property management might make it simpler. I was SO wrong. I gave them my $40 for my two applications chose my property of interested and (3 months later) am still waiting for any sort of correspondence.

After turning in my app they required a laundry list of forms from me, some of which seemed pretty standard however when I tried to email the documents to the business WITH THE EMAIL THAT THE REPRESENTATIVES GAVE ME! gmail sent an automated message saying that the email address didn't exist. SKETCHY!

Also whenever I called the office nearly every employee I got on the phone was incredibly rude, short with their answers and very clearly trying to hang up with you the minute you stopped talking.

I ended up just biting the bullet, responding to random craigslist ads and taking a weekend to do the work myself. Low and behold I have a place to stay now. I did a better job of finding a place and it's not even my job.

Do yourself a favor and just do the footwork yourself.
Stay far, far! away from this management company.

Story by: "Ppm Screaming At Me"

Laundry list of complaints:

-They have accused 2 of my friends for missing rent or being short on rent and that just wasn't the case.

-When I first moved to the area and was near homeless (had money just needed a rental) they beat me around the bush for a rental. I didn't care what they gave me I just needed a roof. After begging and bothering they gave me the worst studio in Eureka. My second night in the building a woman was beat in the hall. They made me wait and wait and when they provided, it was the shittiest place ever.

-Thank god I was only in that studio for not even 2 months. When I moved out I still had a few weeks left in the place, though I physically moved out as soon as I could. I let a friend sleep there one night when they were coming through town. Weeks upon weeks later I found a voice mail from either the in-house manager or PPM screaming at me telling me it was illegal to sublet a rental. By the time I heard the voicemail it had been weeks later and I had no more business with PPM. If I had heard that voicemail following the day my friend stayed there, I would have called and gave them a piece of my mind. I paid 500 dollars a month for the size of a room the size of some peoples bathrooms. If I let a friend sleep there, for free I might add, there is no issue. When I am renting, that is MY property. As long as I don't sublet it, which I never did.
If you want your landlord of accusing you of subletting every time a friend spends the night, maybe you would enjoy PPM's service.


I wish I could give ZERO stars. Worst customer service I've ever dealt with.....filled out an application with them 3 months ago. Every time I would call to get an update of what was going on I would get the response of "It's in the to-do pile", "The owner will be contacted by the end of the day".....this was every single day when I called. I would even go into the office to get a copy of my application and the women sitting at the front desk were INCREDIBLY RUDE and were no help at all. Same response every time, never heard if I was approved OR denied, no information at all. Why did I give money in the first place?

I filled out an application with Cottage Realty in Mckinleyville, was approved for a great house in less than 24 hours. Even called me twice within the 24 hours to give me an update of what was going on. Go to them!

Story by: "More Horror Stories"

Run in the opposite direction FAST and get yourself a nice, private landlord.

We (my husband and I) gave PPM a months notice about what kind of house we were looking for upon our moving to Eureka and we looked at a handful of locations; filled out the application and paid the fee. We applied for a cumulative total of 3 houses, none of which cost more than we have loyally paid for the past 8 years. In between waiting a week (a total of 3 weeks) to be told "no" on all of our inquiries we dealt with more fun.

Never once did they call us on the several difference pieces of paperwork they needed from us. Things would seem to be dragging so one of us would call them to see what's up and they would tell us they needed this or that in addition to our application. (ie: I had to unpack and dig out my landlord's info from 5 years ago so it wasn't on my application initially. I called and left all the information with their secretary guy and I also emailed it to them. Magically they never got either message and I only found out because I called them a week later to find out what the hold up was. A lady tried to give me the same email address I had previous sent the info to...I made her wait on the phone while I found it again so there was no way she could say the info wasn't received.)

The really sneaky thing was how they ditched out early on a Friday for the long Memorial Day weekend, the end of May and we're about to hit the road to Eureka, STILL without giving us a solid answer about our housing situation.
We arrived safely in Eureka...homeless. Because coming back from Memorial weekend, their manager was on a long vacation and that was the only person who could give us the official "okay". We found out on June 1st at 4:50 pm (their' office closes at 5 and they were trying to leave for the day without answering us...again), while we were literally on the road with all our stuff in a truck, that they decided to reject us for our third offer. Never once did they give us a reason why we hadn't been approved or better details in what they wanted as tenant.

If you'd like to hear more horror stories, as nearly any of the residents of Eureka.

We found a much better, private landlord within 2 days of being here and we couldn't be happier. Give your money to some folks who could use it, not some slumlord scum bag company.

Story by: "It Was Obviously Already Done"

Do not rent from these people. They took over a townhouse I was living in in arcata about halfway through the almost 5 years I spent there. Upon moving out we had the place professionally cleaned, that cost us about $150. We did this so that we could get back our entire $1100 deposit. After the normal 2 weeks I got our deposit back in the mail. We got a total of about $300 back. Their break down of it was all cleaning. That house was spotless when we left, we even had the carpets shampooed. You shouldn't charge people for something if it was obviously already done. I didn't bother to fight it as I just wanted nothing to do with them ever again.


Story by: "Replacing The Fence"

I don't know how this company stays in business. I own property next to one of their rentals. I asked them if the owner would be willing to split the cost of replacing the fence between the houses. Two months later I still didn't have an answer. I told them I would pay for the materials because I didn't want to wait any longer. I sent copies of the receipts and asked for half the amount. Three weeks later I still don't have a response.

Story by: "Worst Customer Service Award"

Wow, if I could give out a "Worst Customer Service Award" this would be the place. I walked into the office and there were four women sitting behind the counter. They all starred at me and not one of them greeted me or asked me if I needed help. I finally picked one and walked up to her and she just looked at me and still did not directly address me. As I handed her my application I could overhear a phone conversation another staff member was having with a tenant and the staff member was being very snarky. After her conversation with the tenant she slammed the phone down and instantly went into a rant about the tenant to her co-workers. Not professional at all especially when a potential tenant is standing right in front of you. I waited several days for them to process my application and no one called me to let me know I was approved. I just got off the phone with a staff member and attempted to set up a couple of showings. She was short and rude with me over the phone and made me feel like an idiot for not understanding how their office works. I don't work there, she does. All I wanted to do was put in my application for a specific house and she gave me some sing song story as to why I couldn't do that. Then at the end of the conversation she said she went ahead and put my application in. Wasn't that the point in the first place? She didn't even bother to close the conversation and just hung up on me without even saying goodbye. I am not sure who the Office Manager is in that office, but they need to offer additional customer training to their staff. If I wasn't in such a pinch to try and find a rental I would never deal with Professional Consolidated Property Management again.

Story by: "There's A Reason They're Cheap"

I was looking for an inexpensive place to rent and noticed that PPM had some cheap places. Yeah, there's a reason they're cheap. Some of them had the windows painted shut (illegal), and one of the buildings I visited smelled like urine and the carpet was covered with cigarette burns. They took my $20 application fee and NEVER got back to me on the rentals I inquired about. This might be a good place to rent from if you're a crackhead, but if you're not, keep looking.

Story by: "Notice The Runarounds"

They'll rip you off every chance they get. No matter if you rent through them, or have property managed through them. They use illegal tactics, as well as cheap shots. If you're doing business with them, notice the runarounds you get? Also, you should notice that if they toss one of their tactics at you, they usually do it at the end of the business day on a Friday, where they can duck into the weekend without facing up to their wrong-doings. They had stolen property from me, and had harassed me, breached contracts, and continued on in their crooked ways, ignoring the laws. They have a good BBB rating, probably because no one that they bully know to make a complaint. Negative stars if the rating was available. Don't do business with these people, ever!

Story by: "Revoked Our Approval"

Absolutly the worst rental company to go through. We filled out an application, got approved for an apartment, paid our security deposit and had the move-in date all ready, and then the day we went to move in and pay the rent they told us they needed proof of one more document. Well this so called "Professional Property Management" refused to work with the company with which they needed the proof from so they revoked our approval. Luckily our current rental company allowed us to revoke our 30 day notice otherwise we would have no place to live. But in short this is the worst company to go through and it's amazing to see that they are still in business! Do not go through them I would recommend our rental company CBC Pacific Partners. This is a great company who actually work with you and are nice and friendly other then PPM. Seriously it should be called UPM and not PPM. Completly unprofessional!

Story by: "They Aren't Doing You Any Favors"

If I could put a negative number I would, 1 star was just as low as I could do. This is the worst housing company I've ever had to deal with, I have no idea how they became the biggest property management place in Eureka, CA, definitely not by treating their costumers/tenants well. I tried to move into a place that was empty and ready to be moved into when it was shown to me, it took them over 2 months to allow me to move in, I almost lost my job because of it. I had to move in at the beginning of the month because they said the house wasn't ready yet even though it was ready 2 months earlier, they wouldn't pro-rate the rent for me to move in any sooner, maybe they couldn't figure out the math. Then when I finally did move in they had done absolutely no work to the house, but they did manage to put a bunch of trash and paint cans in the house like they were thinking about painting but they never did. I latter found out from the neighbor that the house had been condemned and these people didn't even put a fresh coat of paint on the walls for me. When I moved out( as soon as humanly possible so I didn't have deal with PPM anymore) I cleaned the house 10x better then when I moved in and they still charged me $11 for cleaning and $200 for the vinyl that was left in perfect condition, but of course I can't argue to get any of that money back. If you have a house being managed by this company I would change it they aren't doing you any favors, why help this company to become bigger it's already doing a horrible job put your ad on craigslist or the local paper I can't stress enough how bad PPM is!!!


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