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J & J Rentals

1840 Myrtle Ave
Eureka, CA 95501-1446
Monday thru Friday 9 to 5
(707) 443-4399
After Hours
(707) 498-0145
(707) 498-0195

Owner: James Dean Paye
James D. & Judith E. Paye
3340 18th St
Eureka, CA 95501-2783
(707) 442-7551

Number of Employees: 6
Estimated Sales Volume: $1,809,000
50 Properties owned by J & J Rentals

Story by: "Zero out of 5 stars"

If there were no stars thats what I would give . This company is unprofessional . There is no voicemail or E mail for Maridee she is rude and incompitent there units are filled with mold that they paint over they do no maint. And will take your deposit any way they can I am taking them to court if any of you find the need to do the same feel free to contact me I will assist in any way I can.

Story by: "Railroaded"

I was a tenant of Jim Payes' J & J Rentals for about 12 years. A 1 ½ years on Huntoon St., 1 ½ years on J St., and 9 years on 10th St. I know how he operates. He is so cheap, he won't fix anything unless it is in crisis mode and then he uses the cheapest materials and the cheapest labor he can find to fix it. He'll find people that are desperate for work and he'll pay them by the job if you're the lowest bidder. Yet he charges as much as possible in the market for his units.

His life-long maintenance man, heretofore "LMM", is his whipping boy, Jim runs "LMM" from job to job never letting him finish before he has to tear down and pack up and move on to something else Jim just decided to have him do now. "LMM" used to complain about it to me all the time. But Jim is too cheap to hire extra crew members that are skilled and can be counted on to handle the workload.

Not once was I ever late with my rent money in 12 years and I would make minor repairs myself rather than bother them about it. Well one was not so minor, the handrail in the stairway was so loose that it would come off if you pulled on it from the wrong angle, that was dangerous. All "LMM" did was tighten the screws and that did not fix it, it was obviously done in a hurry in the first place.

I had to come behind "LMM" and re-install the handrail the right way by laying it out and marking the holes and drill a pilot hole first. It went together perfectly and is now secure. Now you will never have to worry about it failing because I took the time to install it correctly, something Jim does not understand.

I tried to do right by Jim and alert him of things that needed attention but he would not lift a finger unless it's an emergency that will cost him money. I told him my porch light switch was bad and arced when you switch it and did not turn on the porch light, but he never fixed it so I bought my own solar-powered porch light to light my way to see my keys to get into my apartment.

Then without notice he hires some guy you could easily tell he was down on his luck and desperate for money, to power-wash the building to get ready to paint it. This guy was having a hard time of it and he power-washed the sensor that turns on the porch light and destroyed it. Jim said he would replace it but he has never said another word about it after numerous attempts to contact him about it.

Obviously he cares nothing for his tenants because he rents to low-income, disabled, and desperate people that won't stand up to him when he comes in your home unannounced and tries to tell you how to live. It makes him feel like a big man. (he must have a small penis) He showed up at my door unannounced, walked through my apartment and told me I had to clean up my kitchen and I said I would clean it up and he gave me 24 hours.

I had no storage and I had a large kitchen so I used my kitchen for storage of my recyclables and my 560 pounds of canned food in boxes. I'm a survivalist and I generate very little garbage because I find ways to reuse packaging in many things and I eat what I cook, there is no waste which is also something Jim has no clue about.

I worked 14 hours to clean up my kitchen for Jim, it was hard work to condense my inventory with my disability, but he never showed up in 24 hours or called. A few days later he shows up unannounced, views my kitchen and says it's not good enough. What?! After all I had gone through to clean it up in time and he casually strolls in whenever he feels like it and says it's not good enough?

I'm sorry your lordship, but who made you f'n king?! I told him that's as good as it's going to get, and in an instant he turned on me with this shocked look on his face and said; “I smell pot, your smoking pot!” when clearly there was no evidence of that, and then he said he was going to call the housing authority and the fire department on me. I told him do what you have to do Jim. The next morning I called for my own fire inspection and I only had a couple issues that I fixed while the inspector was there, I was in compliance.

That didn't matter because days later a scheduled inspection with Jim, his daughter the office manager, "LMM", the section-8 housing inspector, and the chief of Eureka Fire Department showed up to inspect my apartment and they wrote me up, gave me a written notice to get rid of the extra boxes I used for shipping because I buy and sell on the internet all the time and my recyclable inventory I used. They ganged up on me because I stood up to Jim and his unlawful demands.

I get along with all my neighbors, always have, except one person that lived in my building named heretofore "Low-Life" in an apartment which was at the bottom of the common stairwell that I had to go through to get to my car and my mailbox. The problem was she smoked cigarettes like a fiend and would fill the stairwell full of smoke because she would leave her door open.

The first time I approached her and asked her nicely if she would close her door when she smokes and she started yelling and screaming at me then slammed the door in my face. So much for the nice approach. I didn't think it would work anyway but I tried even though she is an old biker chick that was heavily into drugs and her brain is fried to the point where everything coming out of her mouth was a lie, she would make it up as she goes along. I did my best to steer clear of her at all costs.

I have heart disease and 2nd hand smoke is deadly to me. I asked Jim if he would do something about it, but he did nothing. I begged him over and over to do something about the smoke in the stairwell that I have to go through and he refused to do anything so I finally had to turn him into the city for smoking violations. After that the no smoking signs were posted, no smoking within 30 feet of the buildings entrances and windows and you think that would help but not much.

"Low-Life" continued to smoke in the doorway but now that the signs were posted I could have her sited for smoking in a restricted area. I was told by the Eureka Police Department to call them if she harasses me again to call 911 so I called them and they came out to talk to her and to me and I explained the situation how uncooperative she was. The next day she flattened my 2 left side tires on my car the day before Thanksgiving! My car was in the shop all day because I did not have an appoinment and I could not complete my tasks for Thanksgiving and ruend my plans. Just an example of the Low-Life she is.

The biggest problem I had with "Low-Life" was she would never mind her own business and always getting into mine. I did my best to stay away from her but she would always stick her nose where it doesn't belong. I had a recycle exemption for trash since I have ¼ of a paper grocery bag of trash a week, but that was taken away I'm assuming by the chief of Eureka Fire Department, yet I was still in compliance.

One morning as I was taking my trash out and putting into my neighbors trash can which I had an arrangement since it was ½ of a grocery bag every 2 weeks. I was looking at a mop handle that my neighbor put in their recycling can to see if I could use it for my mop handle since it just rusted out, when "Low-Life" started banging on the window and shaking her finger at me as to say no and I waved her off as if to say mind your own business.

She came out of her apartment and started yelling at me saying I can't do that, what I'm not sure of but I told her to mind her own business and go back inside. She then proceeded to block my way back into the building and I told her to get out of my way and she refused to move. I tried to push past her and she punched me in the mouth and knocked to of my teeth loose! I pushed her away from me but she came back and dug her fingernails into my arm and drew blood. I pushed her against the stairs to keep her from attacking me again.

When she stopped fighting me I let her go and she went back into her apartment. I ran upstairs, called 911 and took photos of my split lip and the bleeding holes in my arm. The police came and she told them that I attacked her! I explained what happened but they did not want to deal with it so the officer called it “Mutual Combat”, I never heard of such a thing in my life, I was assaulted!

The minute Jim was alerted he came over right away and gave me a 90-days notice to vacate after being a good tenant for 12 years. I asked him if he would give me a good reference and he told me, and I quote; “I'm going to tell them the truth.” I asked him what that meant and he refused to answer.

Ever since then I have spend 20 hours a day for 3 months trying to find a new place to live and nobody would rent to me and they would not tell me why. I have a good credit score and I'm never late paying my bills and I always take care of the property I reside in leaving it in better condition than when I arrived so there is no reason why I should not qualify.

The only thing that makes any sense is that he is giving me a bad reference. All it would take is for him to say I don't get along with my neighbors ( just one ever, "Low-Life") and that he would not rent to me again, and that would explain why one of the big property management companies in this area refused to show me any of their properties and strung me along for 6 weeks before refusing me any walk-through of their properties without a reason. Everyplace else I went to apply started out good then it would end without reason, so it is obvious that Jim is giving me a bad reference after 12 years of loyalty.

I had to be out of my old apartment by the end of December and I looked up until a week before I had to be out to find a place. That cost me a lot as far as my health is concerned not to mention about $600. My only saving grace was a friend I had that used to work for the housing authority who vouched for me to get me a studio just off Broadway / US 101, half the space I had at $100 more per month, most of my stuff is in storage and it's even more difficult now than it was before to get things done because of my disability.

This smoking issue is probably why Jim came after me about my kitchen in the first place, because I made him do something about it and he didn't like that. None of this would have ever happened and I would still be living there if he would have only dedicated a smoking area in the backyard away from the stairwell and front door to the building, but it would appear that he is not smart enough to figure that out, he would rather fight me than do the right thing.

As of this writing J & J Rentals has yet to respond to my request to pay for my solar-powered porch light at $35, and, they owe me for the $75 they charged me to clean the carpets, which they never did, they replaced it the moment I left. I will sue them for that and anything else I can find...

In conclusion, if you happen to be renting from J & J Rentals I would advise you to get out of there as soon as you possibly can unless you want to be treated as a slave. If you would like to talk to me about this I would be glad to help you any way I can, just contact me through the website by using the toll-free number of (855) 415-7273 or by emailing me at

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