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Six Rivers Property Management

710 Main St
Fortuna, CA 95540
(707) 725-1094
(707) 826-1094


Story by: "Zero Star If There Was An Option"

Pay total of $40 (20$ each) for credit check
and NEVER got a call back. Nothing.

I think this is the only way these people get pay. Advertise a place for rent and get potential renter to pay for application fee, then never get back to them.

Why didn't I think of that.

Got tire of waiting and went with PPMRENTAL. look them up, don't waste your time and fee with six-river.

Story by: "How Do They Get Away With It"

If I could give a 0 star I would they don't care about there people just taking advantage of people if properties owners only new how there money is really spent they can't be trusted and do things that are not legal how do they get away with it

Story by: "The Door Had Been Kicked-In"

Tried renting through them when they were at their old location. They took my money, then gave me a key to a place. Went to the unit, found that the key was the wrong one, but that didn't matter as the door had been kicked-in anyway. Looked inside unit and there was grease all over the carpet in the living-room area. Rest of unit was trashed and filthy. Went straight back (within an hour's time) to their office and asked for our check back. They tried to say it had been deposited already, but came up with it when I demanded that they print me a refund check. I took my check, we both voided the rental contract, and I walked out the door. I'll never go there again, nor do I recommend them to anyone else.


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