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American Property Management

1225 Central Ave Ste 12
McKinleyville, CA 95519
(707) 839-9658


Story by: "Extraordinarily Rude"

BEWARE PROPERTY OWNERS, don't use this company if you want good tenants!! Nikki does not want to rent properties out at all. She is extremely rude and judgemental against prospective tenants.

     My fiancĂ©e and I are looking to move to McKinleyville from about 7 hours away up by Tahoe. We were extremely interested in a beautiful little house at 868 murray road. She was very nice at first. We went back in later to try to put in applications and her mood was completely opposite. She proceeded to tell us its disgusting inside and so dirty that she didnt even want to talk about it with us anymore. When we asked her if she could notify us about when the house will be ready to view she told us she could not call us back because she is too busy for phone calls so we have to call her. I have tried calling about 10 times since to inquire about the house and no answer. I have left voicemails and no call back in 5 days. We live far and have to plan with our jobs to get time off but her lack of cooperation makes this impossible. She told us while we were still there that we have to put in an application but the house needs to be ready first, we cannot know when it will be ready if she wont answer the phone. Also she said we have to have paystubs from the area (which is obviously silly because we need a house before we can get jobs in the area).

    So then I told her we have enough to pay for the entire term of the lease without needing to work at all and we could go get the cashier check right now, she told us they don't do that and we need paystubs from the area. She then said have a good day and stuck her nose to her computer and pretended to be busy. We stood there dumbfounded for a minute waiting to see if she would say anything else but she just got up and left the room. Being 27 and 24 and renting since we were 18 allows us to have amazing rental history and we have become great friends with many of our landlords. We have great credit as we both bought and paid off new cars in the past 4 years. We even offered to pay the entire 6 month lease amount up front so we can move there and get jobs then provide proof of employment after we have a roof over our heads. She told us she would not allow that.

     While I am sure the home owner would have thought differently about us handing him a 9000 cashier check with amazing references and credit histories while planning on living in thier house for about 4 years while we finish our masters and phds. Not to mention we are very handy and enjoy maintaining a property. I am very sorry to whoever owns the house on murray rd. This company made you lose out on amazing tenants.

     I could not believe how extraordinarily rude she was to customers. How could she possibly be in the customer service industry acting this way? Like I said before, BEWARE property owners you are better off managing your own properties if you want any decent people to move in!!!!!!!!

Story by: "Outrageous Prices"

Worst business I have ever rented from!! Niki was always rude and bad customer service. Charged outrageous prices when we moved out, my keys were late by an hour and she charged $50 for it. BEWARE, don't rent from her!

Story by: "Treated Us Like Dirt"

Nikki needs a serious lesson in customer service, she treated us like dirt. First, we were calling all day, probably 4-5 times, during business hours, with no answer. Then she finally calls us back at like 8 pm and offers absolutely no apology, just a bunch of excuses... We were still interested in a property so we decided to bring in our application the next day at 10am sharp when the office was supposed to open. We were overly prepared, we had the application filled out, tax returns, pay stubs and even our credit reports pre downloaded on a thumb drive. Nikki was completely unfriendly and unhelpful. She proceeds to tell me that she cannot download the credit report files from the thumb drive because she could get a virus, but that I can email the files... You have to be a f$@&!"g idiot to not know that you can get a virus just as easily from an email as from a thumb drive. Once we decided not to go with Nikki even though we wanted the house, just couldn't deal with her, we went back to retrieve our applications, witch have highly sensitive information on them, she refused to give them back or even shred them in front of us. I really hope that Nikki's clients know that they have a severely mean and nasty person representing them. We would have been your ULTIMATE tenants! But we simply could not pursue this house because Nikki is absolutely a nightmare to deal with!

Story by: "Take You For A Ride!"

My friends rented from this company and just got kicked out. They weren't refunded most of the $3000 security deposit and in the breakdown of charges (most of which weren't warranted or legal to charge) they neglected to address where exactly $750 dollars went of the deposit! Hopefully they will realize their mistakes and refund the money to my friends. Take lots of pictures and comb through the law, lease, and documentation when you move out. They'll try to take you for a ride!


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