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Moser Properties

3101 Concorde Dr Ste E
McKinleyville, CA 95519
(707) 839-3233


Story by: "Manipulated"

DO NOT RENT FROM MOSER PROPERTIES. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR DEPOSIT BACK. I rented from them from December 2012 to December 2013 and Mosers illegally detained my deposit AND charged me for normal, wear and tear cleaning fees. In other words, not only did they detain my deposit, they charged me, leaving me owing them money. I took Mosers to small claims court and won. One month after the court judgment and I have still not received my deposit and subsequent court fees from Moser Properties. Through out this whole process (before court negotiations and after winning the case) I communicated via emails, letters, and phone calls, only to receive ONE response letter from the property manager.

I cannot stress this enough, do not rent from Moser Properties. Mosers will take advantage of you and manipulate you and you will not get your deposit back.

Story by: "They Keep Your Money"

Yes, do not deal with the Moser's. I lost my initial $2000.00 deposit from Jenna Moser who oversees rental properties in the McKinleyville area. Without letting me know, she decided to give the rental property to someone else who could move in sooner. I emailed and texted her to ask what happened and she blatedly said move on and find something else, and that I can't do anything about it. Moser Properties has you signing a form saying that if you decide to relinquish the rental before you move into it, they keep your money. I merely told Jenna we had a snag about our possible move date and she quickly decided to give the rental to someone else the same day I notified her that I needed to work things out with the movers. The Moser's are thieves - greedy hungry money suckers who care nothing about their renters. Money is all that matters to them and if they can take advantage of any opportunity to take yours away from you, they will!! Never deal with the Moser's.


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