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Shive Real Estate & Property Management

4412 SE 29th St
Del City, OK 73115
(405) 677-7253


Story by: "STAY CLEAR!"

They place "for rent" signs out on properties that have broken doors/screens/windows and have not been evaluated as safe to rent. We are tornado victims from the May 10, 2010 tornadoes and signed paperwork and everything through our insurance company relocation service thinking this property would be ready since the for rent sign was in the yard. But the day before our insurance company was ready to move us in, we received notice that the place was not able to be rented for at least another month. Shame the person that owns this property is now missing out on guaranteed insurance money from a relocation service with Traveler's insurance because Linda at this property management company hadn't even looked at the property before putting up the "for rent" sign.

If I owned property, I would definitely not let them manage it. We found a private owner down the street who is ecstatic about guaranteed insurance rent for a year and is going to have his place ready for us within the next week. And our relocation service through Traveler's is providing all our furniture rental, appliances, and even the towels and sheets. Thank God in times of tragedy we have this good insurance! The woman working with us at the relocation service with the insurance can't believe they put out for rent signs and sign paperwork and leases without even having laid eyes on the place. STAY CLEAR! FYI: This is in reference to a house in Harrah, OK area and I believe the Shive office is located in MWC/Del City, OK area.


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