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Aberdeen Properties

125 NW 15th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
(405) 604-3468


Story by: "Rotted Out Wood"

Whenever I'm asked about places to live in OKC, the first thing I say is "DO NOT live at the Aberdeen." Here is my reasoning:

1. When I first moved in, they were much cheaper than anything else in the area (that wasn't terrifying), but they have since drastically increased their prices. So now you're paying above average for (very) below average living conditions.

2. What I saved in rent, I paid in electricity. The townhomes are poorly insulated, if you can even say they're insulated at all. By the end of my time there, I referred to my apartment as a giant cardboard box with running water. I kept my apartment at 76-77 in the summer and then below 65 in the winter and still had electric bills over $100 for approximately 800 sqft.

3. It's impossible to get anything fixed here and trust me you'll definitely have things that need to be fixed. When I first moved in, there was such a big gap between my patio door and the door frame that you could see through it! I told them on the very first day that it needed to be fixed. In the meantime, I purchased weather stripping to patch it up and left the leftover weather stripping on my kitchen counter. When maintenance came to "fix" it (after I emailed and called and left 4 messages with the front office), they used MY leftover weather stripping and called it good. Except then every time it rained, my living room carpet by the patio doors would be soaked. I had to have people come treat the area more than once. One of the last times, I was home when they came by to treat it. When he pulled up the carpet, the wood stripping was completely rotted and the padding was ruined. After doing my research on landlord/tenant laws and exchanging several emails with the property manager where I threatened to move out, they finally came and replaced the door completely...EIGHT months after I originally brought it to their attention.

4. The ceiling in my laundry area was beginning to sink in and had visible water damage. The water heater was directly above the damage and had a rotted out wood platform. I knew that they wouldn't fix it, but I wanted to make sure I let them know about it so I couldn't be held liable. After sending maintenance out, they determined that it was just dryer lint that had gotten stuck on the ceiling. I may not know much about home repair, but I graduated preschool so I think that makes me qualified to deduce that dryer lint does not cause a ceiling to slowly cave in.

5. In the 13 months that I lived there, I dealt with four different property managers (none were employed at the same time).

6. I had several instances where I came home at night to find lights on that shouldn't be on. At first, I thought I was just being forgetful, but since my electric bills were already so high I made sure I didn't leave any lights on. I would specifically remember shutting the lights off and come home to them on. Two girls who lived a few townhomes down from me had the same thing happen to them. Thankfully when it started getting really bad my lease was up so I moved out. Now I can finally sleep the whole night through.

7. The trains were not a problem for me because it takes a small army to wake me usually. I found them to be sort of relaxing after a while.

8. Search helicopters seem like a nightly thing. One night when I got home, I had just parked and the search light stopped on my car. That's exactly what a 20-something female wants to happen before she has to walk into her apartment alone.

I have since moved and my new apartment seems like heaven on earth. Trust me, spend a little bit more to save yourself the headache of this disaster of an apartment complex!

Story by: "Cheapest Route Possible"

There are so many problems with this building.

The first few months, it was cool. After awhile, the real problems started to come out.

First, it is advertised as a "gated community." It isn't. They have a gate, but it has been broken for years, so they should advertise "private lot." A little false advertisement? Me thinks so.

To make matters worse, the management company says that the gate is about to be fixed......but they have been saying it as long as I've been around. However, they are constantly adding other things to the building, ie a new workout facility. How come you invest in new stuff, when the old is broken? Mismanagement and misappropriation of funds, that's how.

The maintenance guy is super cool. I know this because I have to file a maintenance request EVERY week. Literally, every week in the past 2 months, and every other week when its not.

There is constantly a new reason why the water heater is broken. I mean seriously, we all know its an old building, but it's crazy!

Trains. They tell you that you "can't really hear them." False. You are forced to get used to it. In fairness, it only messed up my sleep for the first month or so.

The walls are so thin, I can hear the lady upstairs urinate in the morning. Nasty. On the bright side though, she always seems to do a nice "modern tap dance routine" at 2am.

The elevators break like clockwork. Not a problem for most, but if you live on the 7th floor, its going to suck. When the elevators do work, they don't line up with the floor your on. So you are doomed to consistently stub your toes, and trip.

There is a lady down the hall that is constantly smoking weed. So the smell fills up the entire floor. I've filed multiple complaints, but sure enough, it continues. It's not like anyone in the real world has to be drug tested.....oh wait.

The sign at the front says "Oklahoma's finest entrance." This is a pure personification of the management company's idea of what the building is, versus what it actually is. They build you up to expect a great experience, and a quaint 1920's building. Really? All you are left with is the feeling that you've been physically and financially violated.

A real winner with my particular unit? There is no ventilation in the kitchen. NONE. The window in the kitchen wont open, and there isn't any vent. This violates OKC fire code, and could potentially kill someone.

Lastly, when I moved in, the cost was about right for the area. It was fair actually. Now, with the economy, the prices have dropped in the area. The price of the Aberdeen is going up. Why? It sure isn't to cover the gate. So as soon as my lease is up, I'll be moving 2 blocks away, for half the price.....and a unit with a washer/dryer.

It makes me upset that I feel this way, because you have guys (like the maintenance guy) who work super hard to try and make sure everything works, but when you have a management company that wants cheapest route possible..... The hard workers are left out in the cold.


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