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Ty Weston

Story by: "In Violation Of Oklahoma Law"

I leased a home from Ty Weston and Elite Real Estate for three years. For the most part, the experience was positive, until I had to give notice that we would have to leave the premises 4 months early because we were surprised with an opportunity for a new home we just purchased. The process and sale went much quicker than we thought. As a tenant for three years, with impeccable pay history, I was shocked at how I was treated. I sent numerous replacement renters to Weston/Elite and they were told the rent was $150 more per month than what I was paying. Weston improperly and maliciously increased the rent. Then, in violation of Oklahoma law, tried to charge me a re-lease fee and keep my entire deposit. I had to threaten legal action (I am a lawyer) in order to get my deposit returned. If you want a professional agent and rental or sale experience, do not use Weston or Elite Real Estate. I provided a new renter even though Weston improperly increased the rent. I paid the difference for those renters to take over my old lease. Please be wary of doing business here. They are not very interested in following the law.


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