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Home Investment Professionals -HIP Real Estate

5909 NW Expy
Oklahoma City, OK 73132
(405) 601-0000


Story by: "Unethical Happenings"

Don't rent from them and don't allow them to manage your property. I have first hand knowledge of the unethical happenings going down here. I cannot believe they are still in business.

Story by: "Terrible Experience"

I have to agree with the negative reviews on here. I had nothing but a terrible experience using HIP to manage my rental property. Within the first couple days, they tried to get me to replace my A/C for thousands of dollars because of some malfunction. Luckily, I brought in a second opinion and they fixed the problem for ~$50. I was fortunate that my neighbors were able to tell me about any problems at the house, because I never heard anything from HIP about them. When I contacted HIP about a reported broken window, they repeatedly denied it until new tenants moved in.

They claimed to take a few days on average to fill vacancies, but they did absolutely nothing, and I lost one months rent because of it. I was the one to find the new tenants and they had nothing but problems getting the lease finalized with HIP. I could never reach Haley Ryan (now Haley Retter) by email and rarely by phone. The few times I reached her, she acted sick, possibly so that I would be more forgiving of her company's terrible service. Do yourself a favor and avoid HIP or any other agency related to Haley Retter at all costs.


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