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Homes4Lease LLC

3800 N Portland Ave Ste 200
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
(405) 917-9002


Story by: "$100 To Tighten Some Screws"

I stayed with this company for a few years and gave them the benefit of the doubt. They managed my $1000/month rental for $50/month. 5% isn't bad. But you get what you pay for. And they nickeled and dimed me on maintenance services which they charge an additional management fee to have someone come out. They tried charging me $100 to tighten some screws and replace burnt out light bulbs. You have got to be kidding me.

CCM Management is where I do my business with now, and so far so good.

Stay away from Homes4lease unless you don't mind getting overcharged for simple services.

Story by: "Violation Of Their Own Contract"

DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY! We could not terminate our lease agreement without loosing our ENTIRE security deposit so we paid rent for two months on an empty house along WITH the utilities. It took them 30 DAYS to process the refund, of which they kept half, claiming they had to do repairs. Not ONCE did anyone go over there and repair anything on the house. I know because we still had the keys! And if they did, they would've been in violation of their own contract stating that they had to get persmission from the tenant before the owner or Agent entered the premises. We are currently disputing charges for repairs that the owner claims to have made but didn't, i.e., satellite dish removal (still in the backyard as I write this), and replacing light bulbs...REALLY!?

Story by: "Very Poor Communication"

Poor management service to home owners. Very poor communication. Had to pry information of home repairs. They are not dependable for out of state owners.


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