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Jeff Stallsmith

5225 N Shartel Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
(405) 848-3939


Story by: "I'm Not The Maintenance Lady!!"

For those looking to rent/or lease in the Oklahoma City or Edmond Oklahoma area do NOT go with Jeff Stallsmith. He has no clue on how to be a landlord or a decent human being. We have mailed and called him several times over the last few years on things that need to be fixed but he either puts a bandaid over it or doesn't do anything about it. He is rude and hateful when we have called him about minor problems that are occuring in our house.

He gets very angry about the smallest things. For example: our air conditioner is not working properly (its been 100 degrees here in OKC) and I called him. He told me several times its not his problem and that he doesn't have time to meet the ac repair man at our house. Instead..I called the repair man and met him at our place. This guy came over (this company works on many of Jeff's rental properties) for about 15 minutes and left. Of course the ac is still not working right and I had to call the ac guy again. Now I have to wait til Monday for them to come back out (they wanted me to hide a key outside-yeah right!) since I work Fri-Sun. Ridiculous!!

Also our house has also flooded 7 times since we have lived here and the upstairs (where my room and bathroom is) does not have working heat or air. So we are basically living in a 1 bed/bath condo. My roommate and I take turns sleeping on the bed and couch. The flood areas were also never properly taken care of. I had to cut out the padding in the living room area and use a shop vac to suck up the water. I'm not the maintenance lady!!

Fortunately, we have bought a house and will be leaving soon which has made Jeff ever more unbearable to deal with. He has since told my roommate that I'm "full of shit and need hearing aides" since I was the one that called and told him about the ac problem. And yet today has insulted my roommate by leaving a very hateful and threatening voicemail on her phone.

We have been dealing with this slumlord for way too long and don't want to see anyone go through what we have. This guy has many other properties and doesn't treat them well either. We know this since his maintenance men (whom no longer work for him) filled us in on how he treats his other tenants and rental properties just like he does us.

Hope this post helps others that are looking to rent/or lease in the OKC and Edmond areas. Happy hunting!!


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