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Lippert Bros

2211 E I 44 Service Rd
Oklahoma City, OK 73111
(405) 478-3580


Story by: "Same Horrible Way"

I would give Tom Lippert negative stars if I could. Really not awesome human being. My experience with his employees is that he like to belittle them and make them perform tasks for his private affairs that aren't in their job duties. And he's a worthless landlord.

He came over two days after we brought our daughter home from the hospital and flipped out on my husband for the lawn being slightly overgrown. I believe the statement was something like, "My life is 10 x more busy than yours." And then he took a phone call in the middle of my husband's sentence, got in his truck and drove away.

Our rent was paid on time every month, with the exception of one. And even that month we sent the rent and late fee two days after it was due without having to be told my Mr. Lippert to do so.

When we moved out, he charged us to have old wallpaper scraped from his house. Wall paper that was already up and covered by multiple layers of paint before we moved in. He kept $900 worth of deposits from us and never actually fixed anything that broke in the house while we lived there.

He is the definition of a slum lord. And I imagine he conducts his company business in the same horrible way that he does his private business. So, if you choose to work with him, don't be surprised if he takes advantage of you, doesn't do what he says he's going to, and then over charges you in the end.


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