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Kevin Martin

Story by: "Treated Like A Second Class Citizen"

To: Kevin Martin,
The reason why I was upset with your company is: the sales rep took her time getting back to us about anything! We looked at several properties before deciding on the one we wanted to rent. She stated that she would call us on the phone the next tell the terms we would have to comply with to rent the property. She did NOT call us the next day and just left us hanging and when I called the office to ask for her, her manager was very rude to me! He treated me as though I was a nobody and wanted to get me off the phone as soon as he could! We had the $3600 needed to move in, but when I was treated like a second class citizen by him, I decided it was in our best interest to look elsewhere! I am so glad we did! If a property management company treats all their customers the way we were treated at the beginning of a transaction, why would you expect to be treated any different throughout your lease term? I own my own business and know that if I treated my customers like this, I wouldn't be in business long! Good customer service always goes a long way! Bad customer service should be shared with potential customers...always! We got bad customer service and we shared it not only here, but with everyone we know who might be in the market to buy or rent a home from your company!

Story by: "Pretty Sad!"

Thanks Kevin Martin from Oneprop for your input. However when you Google your name it brings up your LinkedIn page first and then the next page is a page called OneProp. OnePissedCustomer with several reviews from pissed off people who either tried to rent a property or who have property managed by Oneprop. Seems to me that if you had that many bad reviews from not only Yelp and, not to mention your own Facebook would be doing something different to fix your business and squelch all the negative reviews about Oneprop! I understand the double deposit business for people with bad credit. That's what people have to do when you have not so good credit. You are made to pay through the nose to get it a house or car or washer & dryer. But what I don't understand is why a company would employ such incompetent people to work for you. If I owned Oneprop, I would make sure that "customer service" was FIRST on the list of requirements for an employee to continue to be employed by me! The treat ment I received from the office in OKC , was worse than trying to get your cell phone fixed "over the phone" by someone located in India!!! I guess that's what America has become, though. Pretty sad!

Story by: "Totally Unprofessional"

My girlfriend and I tried to rent a home from these shady people...Deana Irving was the woman we dealt took her over a week to process our application...they charged us $135 application fee...and then told us we had to put up a double deposit of $1200 + the first months rent of $1200...for a total of $3600 upfront!!! We didn't want to buy the house...we only wanted to rent it!!! I called the manager Josh, after Deana Irving did not get back with us by noon the next day...He was an asshole to me and said he had to take another call, so he could get me off the phone with him. Totally unprofessional company to deal with. I will tell everyone I know about this company and how shady they are!!!

Story by: "Not What I Expected"

I have rented off and on for ten years and have never had such an impersonal renting company. First the house was disgusting when I moved in drawers in bathroom full of hair and make up, not all windows covered. Chips in paint, dirty in general blinds and air filters filthy. Not what I expected. The company has been rude every step of the way. They raised my rent after one year for no reason. I was never late on a payment. They promised to Sod my yard. Never happened. I also had no oven for thanksgiving and all I got was "sorry which was the sorriest excuse for an apology I have ever heard. There is giant mud hole in back yard that my dog ran through after it rained. In a nutshell, bad service, if you want to feel like your comfort doesnt matter and you are purely a financial transaction than this is the company!!!

Story by: "It Was A Disaster"

We rented from ONEprop for over three years, and it was a disaster. After moving out, they kept our entire security deposit of $1600. The primary reason for the $1600 charge was a painting refresh of the house, claiming that we did minor damage to the walls. However, there was significant scratches and dents throughout the house (which we documented). They never budged on the charge for painting even though we thoroughly documented the damages, and nothing beyond wear and tear was done to the property while we were there. The house was only 6 years old, so I suspect that they hadn't repainted it yet and wanted us to pay for it. Additionally, they charged us $300 for cleaning even though we had the place professionally cleaned. Eventually, they admitted $300 of the charges for routine maintenance (e.g., tightening a toilet seat) we bogus, but they were not helpful in dealing with any of the other charges. Absolutely do not rent from ONEprop unless you don't mind seeing your deposit evaporate! It won't matter how careful you are as a tenant.


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