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Signature Realty LLC

837 E 33rd St
Edmond, OK 73013
(405) 330-8877


Story by: "Ridiculous And Unprofessional"

Worst company ever to rent from. We are a military family and stationed at Tinker. Alan showed us house and he pushed us into renting house because there were not a lot of rentals in January move In ready. The house was not clean when we moved in although they claimed a cleaning crew cleaned it. After we moved in we noticed a window was broken and it took them four months to fix/replace. During those months of waiting for a new window they wouldn't respond back to us with an update. Three months after moving into the house government agents arrived at the house looking for owners because they owed a large amount of back taxes.

We learned the house had a lien against it, and Alan specifically told me he had know idea there was a lien and he wouldn't have taken on the rental and he known (btw he rented out again). We requested an assurance letter from Alan stating that if the house went into a levy (which was due to happen April 2015 if owners did not start making payments on lien). Alan refused to give us a letter of assurance stating that we would be fine under the lease as well as if we were disrupted they would be responsible for a move. He refused to comply and after a couple a month our lawyer wrote a letter with an intent to vacate; we didn't want to live in a house that was a daily stress of worry whether or not we were going to have to move or what what the deal was on a day to day basis. Our attorney wrote up a thirty day notice and we paid the last full month of rent and requested a full refund of our deposit.

They didn't refund our full deposit, guess they thought it would be funny to refund $97 of $1900. They charged us a half months rent for the following month as well as utilities and charged us $150 for filters which we left behind. They are ridiculous and unprofessional. I don't even want to give them one star and we are reporting them to the better business bureau and letting our attorney deal with collecting the rest of our deposit. This company should not even be in business. FYI: if you do use them read the lease. They have ton of hidden move out fees as well as all leases end in the summer months. If you move in middle of winter you lease is a year and a half. Awful awful awful company and thieves! There are many other agencies in edmond find a different one. Stay far away from this company!!

Story by: "Ridiculous $200 Administrative Fee"

I have been renting for years as a member of the U.S. Military, I have traveled a lot over the last 18 years. When we arrived in Oklahoma, we decided to rent until a home on base at Tinker was available. Unfortunately, we spent three weeks living in a hotel when we finally found a home. My wife was out of town when I signed the lease, which was at 4:55 pm on a friday, bad idea. After three weeks in a hotel, we were in a hurry and made a bad decision.

This company is completely dishonest and dishonorable. We were assured the home would be cleaned when we moved in, it was not. The furnace filter was black, there were ants everywhere, sewage backed up into the bathtubs, which was a problem that took months to resolve.

This company takes all kinds of shortcuts to spare every penny, then, they put the screws to you in any way they can. Do NOT be fooled by the bible verses in the management office, if these people are Christians, they don't act like it in their business practices.

We let them know we were moving, the manager, Jerry, sent us paperwork saying they could come show the property anytime they wanted with little notice. I studied the Oklahoma Tenant Rights Act and found that the must give 24 hrs notice, regardless of what the lease says, the lease never supercedes the law. I let them know that I would honor my agreement to pay the ridiculous $200 Administrative fee (she said it covers re-listing property on their site, which is free) and the $125 exterminator fee. However, they will be required to give 24 hrs notice to show the home. They didn't like that, or that I knew the law.

Stay away from these people. They will lie, steal and take your money. They don't care about you or anyone else. Try a Google search and you will see many of the same stories.

Story by: "Completely Absurd"

This company may be great to the person who owns the home you are renting but they are not renter friendly at all. When we moved out, we were told we were expected to do many things to prepare the home for the next tenant that were not done for us. We were told we had to re-paint, and I was made to re-clean several items twice, following which they still charged me to clean them again. When you move out they make you pay to clean the carpets and for pest control in addition to a large "administrative fee". I was given the 3rd degree for having grass in our flower beds when they were just as bad as when we had moved it. I refuse to believe a home is supposed to be in better condition when I move out than when I had moved in. It was completely absurd. I would never recommend anyone rent from them.

Story by: "Underhanded Business Practices"

Don't waste your time with this company. We found a home from their website to rent and submitted an application and were approved for the home($60). They sent the lease for me to review and sign. I sent back questions pertaining to their lease as they do NOT use the standard Oklahoma lease as they have their own version. There were several fees that are not normal for leasing removed from deposit, $200 admin fee, $125 pest control fee and so on. I then received an email telling me that they rented the home to another person because I had questions about their lease and took to long. I received my copy of the lease Monday at 5pm and they leased it to another person on Tuesday!!! I just could not believe their underhanded business practices. If you see this name run in the other direction. There are plenty of other companies in the area that operate with integrity.


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